does this make me a Bad Person?

Steven Bixby steven at
Tue Jan 16 16:37:15 PST 2007

  On 1/16/07, Steve Northrop <blackgpz at> wrote:

> I hope your wife is paying attention to how you're treating a dear and


Wow. along those lines, I've left my ... wife... out in the driveway,
dressed by Dowco, in freezing temperatures and blowing dust, un-caressed for
the last few months, while I'm gallivanting around with my new girl, the
portly ST1300.
Good thing my ... other wife... is a motorcycle nut herself. :)

Bob - my thoughts:  I can't see being a one-bike man.   If it weren't for
the fact that both of my bikes fill a similar need, I'd probably ride the
GPZ a lot more.  (It doesn't help that it's tires are bald right now,
though.)   Mine needs some TLC - some straightening here, plastic repair
there, a bit (lot!) of paint, a little mechanical work.... and new
tires.     But I'm not really the type to worry much about appearances, so
as long as the GPZ runs well and rides well, I'll probably keep riding it.
That said, i'd like to have some $$$ for a different-type bike, something
like a KLR650, a "beater bike" for my short commute.  The ST1300 is a
wonderful machine, but it's really a bit overstated for my 20 mi RT commute.

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