does this make me a Bad Person?

bob.sims at bob.sims at
Wed Jan 17 05:55:07 PST 2007

> That said, i'd like to have some $$$ for a different-type bike, 
> somethinglike a KLR650, a "beater bike" for my short commute.  The 
> ST1300 is a
> wonderful machine, but it's really a bit overstated for my 20 mi 
> RT commute.

Thanks for the response, Steve.  I hear you re: a dual sport bike, I've wanted one ever since I lived in the SoCal desert six years ago.  I could literally ride out of my yard and go anywhere from Las Vegas to Mexico without travelling on pavement.  Would be good for the commutes, as well.

I've come to learn that regular, all-weather commuting is harder on the bike than any other street riding, unless perhaps you have the luxury of covered parking at your workplace.

Thanks again.


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