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Hey guys!
I don't post much any more these days due to work load, family, etc., but I do have a minute today and want to add my $.02 on this.  
It is very true that you will have a far better long range riding experience if you are in better shape.  Especially on a sport or sport touring bike with the forward lean bias.  Upper body, shoulders, neck, everything will fare better on long rides when they're toned better.  Same on that core thing: stomach, lower back, and also including your legs.  I'm no expert, and my input is purely anecdotal, but when I neglect doing my little stretching/push ups/crunches-stomach stuff, and chin ups - I don't do as well on my bike as when I do those things at least every 4-5 days...  Waay better to do it every other day, but hey, who's got time these days?
Happy trails!
Ron Jordan
131,000 plus miles on ol' red 
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Something different for discussion on the blog. I am planning to do some long distance touring this summer on my 95 Gpz and have been a little concerned about the fitness part of it ( back ,arms,etc.). I've read some of the books on long distance bike touring, has some good tips. I also am a avid bicycler ( put in about 3k a summer, some 100m days). But I think a found a great type of class that is going to be very helpful. Its called a " palates" class that uses a "stability ball". You do all these types of exercises that increase core strength (middle part of your body) and improve your balance. Really works on the abs, back , shoulders , and upper legs. Do a lot of balancing on a big ball while your do all these different types of exercise. The pros have been using these types of exercises for years on the off season. Try it. 
Does anybody know were I could get a tank bra for this bike? Any recommendations for a tank bag and some luggage? 
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