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> Hey guys!
> I don't post much any more these days due to work load, family,  
> etc., but I do have a minute today and want to add my $.02 on this.
> It is very true that you will have a far better long range riding  
> experience if you are in better shape.  Especially on a sport or  
> sport touring bike with the forward lean bias.  Upper body,  
> shoulders, neck, everything will fare better on long rides when  
> they're toned better.  Same on that core thing: stomach, lower  
> back, and also including your legs.  I'm no expert, and my input is  
> purely anecdotal, but when I neglect doing my little stretching/ 
> push ups/crunches-stomach stuff, and chin ups - I don't do as well  
> on my bike as when I do those things at least every 4-5 days...   
> Waay better to do it every other day, but hey, who's got time these  
> days?
> Happy trails!
> Ron Jordan
> 131,000 plus miles on ol' red
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> Something different for discussion on the blog. I am planning to do  
> some long distance touring this summer on my 95 Gpz and have been a  
> little concerned about the fitness part of it ( back ,arms,etc.).  
> I've read some of the books on long distance bike touring, has some  
> good tips. I also am a avid bicycler ( put in about 3k a summer,  
> some 100m days). But I think a found a great type of class that is  
> going to be very helpful. Its called a " palates" class that uses a  
> "stability ball". You do all these types of exercises that increase  
> core strength (middle part of your body) and improve your balance.  
> Really works on the abs, back , shoulders , and upper legs. Do a  
> lot of balancing on a big ball while your do all these different  
> types of exercise. The pros have been using these types of  
> exercises for years on the off season. Try it.
> Does anybody know were I could get a tank bra for this bike? Any  
> recommendations for a tank bag and some luggage?
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