Lust in Your Heart

Chris H. chillywilly5280 at
Sat Jan 20 09:33:57 PST 2007

On Jan 20, 2007, at 09:39 , Steve Northrop wrote:

> OK, we've been having some fun with Bob Sims' feelings of guilt and  
> betrayal over his beloved GPZ but we all know he's not alone. If  
> you could go out right now and trade even-up for any bike out there  
> to replace your GPZ, what would it be? Remember this would be to  
> replace the GPZ, not in addition to it. "Anything that runs" is not  
> the answer we're looking for, Dave Daniels. For me, it would  
> be.............(drum roll please) Aprilia Futura RST.

Actually, no. While I like having a "full" fairing, I want to see the  
engine too. I'm just old school I guess, but it puts the motor in  


However, I wouldn't be opposed to adding a Triumph triple and a  
Suzuki L twin to the stable. :-D

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