Lust in Your Heart

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. If you could go out 
right now and trade even-up for any bike out there to replace your GPZ, what 
would it be? Remember this would be to replace the GPZ, not in addition to 
it. "Anything that runs" is not the answer we're looking for, Dave Daniels. 
For me, it would be.............(drum roll please) Aprilia Futura 

         I have to agree with Jim on this one, the V-Strom, I have ridden 
Kens a few times, it accelerates almost as good as the geeper, and I am used to 
the tall dirt bike like handling. It can just plain go more places and do a few 
things the geeper wont. But the GPZ is a keeper, even if I give in to the 
lust for something new the GPZ will be sitting next to my old Z-1 just in case I 
want to fast comfortably.

      Mike - Clear and still in Colorado 

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