Lust in Your Heart

schnowz schnowz at
Sat Jan 20 14:23:35 PST 2007

  Sounds like you're looking for a Goldwing Bob. ;-)
As for myself, I dunno
I would never get a new bike because of the depreciation and if I scratched 
the paint with the tank bag or electrics I would be pissed.
 Much better to commute on a semi beater bike IMHO..

 My criteria would be in order

1. Light and nimble in the twisties..
2. Comfortable/smooth for long distance
3. Good gas mileage..
4. Around 800-1100cc enough power for me..
5. Easy to work on.
6. Plentiful used parts.

Pete S

>> If you could go out right now and trade even-up
>> for any bike out there to replace your GPZ, what would it be?
> Something with the following criteria:
> 1.  Comfortable for a tall person
> 2.  Hard luggage capable
> 3.  Low-maintenance features (prefer non-chain drive, and perhaps 
> hydraulic
> valve lifters)
> Bob

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