Lust in Your Heart

schnowz schnowz at
Tue Jan 23 17:54:06 PST 2007

       Dunno if the next VFR will be lighter Rob - didn't Honda bump up the weight on the latest VFR model?
A coupla people I have known with VFR's have gone on to get the ST for touring, but that was before the new FJR and Concourse. It'll be interesting to see if the new Concourse will have the same heat issues as the FJR..
    Let's face it .. you're just a new bike whore - by the time I get rid of the Geeper you'll have owned a coupla more new bikes..  ;-)
  Pete S


<<In reality, it's more likely to be the latest FJR or the Concourse.  I have
NO problem "settling" with either of these fantastic rides...  If need be,
I'll spend about half of the $7000 I'd save on some swanky suspension, a GPS
and a tail trunk.  Oh... and if money's still no object, I'll snag a nice
used SV650 (naked, please) with the other half.

I'm on the edge of my seat to find out what Honda's planning to do with the
next-generation VFR...  If that thing bumped up to 1000cc without gaining
weight... oobaby.  Pete, wanna' buy a slightly used '03VFR? ;-)

Boy, I sure do "blab" a lot for a lurker!


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