Lust in Your Heart

coldinvt at coldinvt at
Tue Jan 23 20:41:26 PST 2007

>        Dunno if the next VFR will be lighter Rob - didn't Honda bump up
> the weight on the latest VFR model?

It sure isn't any lighter than its predecessor.  The next one needs to be
either a lighter 800cc or a marginally (if at all) heavier >800cc. 
Interceptor 938?  It probably shouldn't get too big and encroach on the
ST13's market.  What about a fusion of Blackbird (CBR1100XX) and VFR800? 
A new V5?  I can't wait!!

> A coupla people I have known with VFR's have gone on to get the ST for
> touring, but that was before the new FJR and Concourse. It'll be
> interesting to see if the new Concourse will have the same heat issues as
> the FJR..
>     Let's face it .. you're just a new bike whore -



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