Lust in Your Heart

Chris Bowen c_p_bowen at
Wed Jan 24 07:44:02 PST 2007

After attending the motorcycle show this past weekend, it'd be the Aprilia RSV R Factory.
 That thing fit me like it was custom made--surprising, since I'm 6'3".  There's only a
couple problems with it:
1) It's around $17k
2) It doesn't come with a judge or a lawyer

The other thing I learned after talking with a buddy of mine is that Aprilia (Piaggio)
factory support sucks.  Can you say "No spare parts?"  The dealership he works for
couldn't get Aprilia or Guzzi parts without trying to beg them from other dealers, who
are all in the same boat.

So, maybe a next-generation Ducati ST3 with the 1098 engine!

'95 GPZ

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