Navigation systems banned in Switzerland?

Ped pedmail at
Wed Jan 24 14:13:16 PST 2007

Hi George,

In the meantime I found this FAQ:

 From what I can read it is crystal clear that any warning against fixed 
or mobile speed cameras derived from a GPS based navigation system is 
prohibited. This includes speed camera POI's which I believe is standard 
in some nav systems and extra's in other systems. I wonder how the 
police are going to enforce this rule - any news on this? GPS nav 
systems are so common now that practically every van and every second 
private driver uses it. The police are going to get very busy if they 
have to run through the menu's and POI's on these system in order to 
establish whether it's a legal or illegal system.

Warnings distributed via sms or similar are not yet prohibited but will 
be soon.

Just for fun I downloaded and installed this free application on my cell 
phone today:

I have no idea whether it works or not, but I might try it on a trip 
through Germany next month. Having done so deliberately would make me a 
hardened criminal seen from the Swiss law enforcement point of view... 
:-)   I think I'd better stick to ordinary road maps when riding through 
Switzerland next time...

Alex: Thanks for the translation.

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

Barblan skrev:
> Ped
> You are right: on or in a vehicle with Swiss number plates GPS systems 
> with these additional functions are prohibited.
> In a foreign car they could only fine you if they caught you running a 
> service of the type (my thinking). I've just sent the question to a 
> friend who works as a lawyer  for the government. We'll get the answer 
> tomorrow (could be interesting for Alex ...).
> Any type of radar detector is banned in Switzerland. I heard they get 
> mean if they catch you with one ...
> Cheers
> George, sometimes slithering on snow today

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