Navigation systems banned in Switzerland?

Rickard Olsson richie at
Wed Jan 24 23:26:30 PST 2007

Ped wrote:

>  From what I can read it is crystal clear that any warning against fixed 
> or mobile speed cameras derived from a GPS based navigation system is 
> prohibited.

In other news, the Swedish police now routinely list all of their larger 
speed traps beforehand. This project started last summer in a bid to 
make people realize that LEOs were going to be out in force and thus 
lower their speeds in general. It seems to have worked and we're now 
down to 400 dead per year, with close to 4 million vehicles in traffic.

In other-other news, the Swedish equivalent of the road authority (a 
government agency) has downloadable maps over all speed cameras on their 
website. Same reason.

Direct link (in Swedish) for anyone interested:

That said, we DO still have a ban in effect against radar- and 
laser-based speed trap warning devices.

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