Hummin' in Your Helmet

George Donnelly zx11e at
Sat Jan 27 08:45:19 PST 2007

I was thumbing through the Feb 07 issue of "American Motorcyclist" (AMA 
magazine), and on page 14 in the 'ignition' department they listed some 
motorcycle songs.  One of them refers to the beloved GPz (with the small z). 
  Here's the citation:
"New Sensations" by Lou Reed: "I rode to Pennsylvania near the Delaware Gap. 
Sometimes I got lost and had to check the map.  I love that GPz so much you 
know, I could kiss her."  It's great that someone would write a song about 
the bike!!

Anyone know anything about this?

George in Salinas
former GPZ owner, now have zx14

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