Hummin' in Your Helmet

Dave Spaulding spauldingd at
Sat Jan 27 11:39:33 PST 2007

Were you sleeping earlier this month?  This was posted to the list a couple 
weeks ago.  I found the song and he does talk about taking a ride on his GPz 
and how much he loves it.  Very cool, but not exactly my taste in music.

Dave in Des Moines

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>I was thumbing through the Feb 07 issue of "American Motorcyclist" (AMA 
>magazine), and on page 14 in the 'ignition' department they listed some 
>motorcycle songs.  One of them refers to the beloved GPz (with the small 
>z). Here's the citation:
> "New Sensations" by Lou Reed: "I rode to Pennsylvania near the Delaware 
> Gap. Sometimes I got lost and had to check the map.  I love that GPz so 
> much you know, I could kiss her."  It's great that someone would write a 
> song about the bike!!
> Anyone know anything about this?
> George in Salinas
> former GPZ owner, now have zx14
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