More Fleabay: Givi luggage knock-offs

Bob Sims bob.sims at
Sat Jan 27 10:39:34 PST 2007

This item may be of interest to those on the list with Givi-compatible
luggage racks...

I found with some amusement that a Chinese company is now making Givi
luggage case replicas, and you can buy these knock-offs on eBay for about
30% the cost of the real thing.  I'm sure the quality suffers, especially
given the prices.  But after all, these are only plastic luggage cases --
sort of like Rubbermaid copying Tupperware.  If I didn't already have two
sets of Givis already, it might make sense to buy a set of these as
disposable "daily driver" bags for routine commuting, and use the Givis for
longer trips.  My own experience shows that luggage cases occasionally
perform dual duty as large frame sliders, as well as practical storage

Apparently, these fit standard Givi Monokey-compatible luggage racks of all

Example of Fleabay listing of Givi E360 knock-off:

Seller's store:

I found some pics of these cases on a V-Strom forum here:

As always, caveats apply:  FWIW, YMMV, and IMHO.


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