b ack from fandango

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You are one tough fellow.

Heal quick.


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lowsided in some invisible gravel. scaps warned us about it. i had
ridden red mtn pass 5 times and Saw gravel higher up but didn't see
anything where I crashed. I was with my dad so I was going quite slow…
probably 25 or 30 max. I went down and had no clue why. My dad made it
through fine; the rest of the listers made it through fine. I guess I
hit the one spot where there was some very fine, road-colored, dusty
gravel. I walked back up there and still couldn't see anything until I
was standing on it. A ver small amount, not what you'd expect when you
think of 'gravel in a corner.' 20 years of riding and my first crash.

Picked up my bike using the girly method, picked up what I thought was
a D-cell battery in the road –and what I momentarily thought I had hit
and what had caused me to crash—but it was my throttlemeister. Brake
lever vwas bent down onto the fairing… tried to bend it up enough for
clearance and it snapped off. Upper fairing rashed, lower rashed, givi
rashed, front tursignal briken but bulb okay/functional, motolight
snapped off. Cut it off, took a lortab my dad had, tried to start
bike, cranked but no go. Tpook top inner fairing off and side panel,
checked every fuse I coul see, none blown. Put it back together,
cranked, no start. Finally said a prayer and told God my wife needed
me at home, I had a long way to go and I sure could use some help.
Cranked and it started up.

Sat on the bike for a couple of minutes… shoulder was very painful in
every position except with my hands on the bars. Luckily the throttle
worked properly despite the bar being bent and the end snapped off.
Decided to try it. Rode for a while, grabbed at air where the front
brake lever was 3 or 4 times, but got used to downshifting well before
a stop and using only rear brake. Luckily we were almost down to Ouray
already and it was pretty flat/straight riding for the rest of the

Got to Ridgeway; Dad nreeded to stop so I bought some ibuprofen and
tried not to scream while I removed my stich Darien and put on my
armored mesh. 2 cops were standing there watching me so I was afraid
if I acted too much like an invalid they'd call an ambulance. Got back
on and headed north. Fueled in Fruita, soaked my jacket and took
another lortab. Felt reasonably good as long as I was on the bike.
Butt didn't even hurt, lol.

Fueled in Price and had a late lunch at grogg's… great burgers. Made
it home about 5 p.m. Gotta see a doctor this morning… my shoulder is
verrrry painful.

Oh. 50-cent piece sized rash on right knee(jeans), very small amount
of fabric rash on both forearms, scrapes and small hole in shoulder of
Darien, some light rash on helmet. I think the givi saved my leg. No
damage to rear of bike or pipe.

On 6/25/07, Dave King <oldfr8dog at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Man, that's a bummer.  Hope you're quickly on the mend.  What happened?
>  Dave King.  '96 in E Tenn.
> 1KPerDay <1kperday at gmail.com> wrote:
>  back
> broke shgoulder
> or separated it
> hurts like a mofo
> rode 440 miles onm 100+ temps today
> must lie doewm
> great troip though
> awesome coumtyside and great riding
> thanks scaps for planning it
> good to meet and ride with you guys :)
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