Buzzing GPz follow up..

David Beard davidebeard at
Mon Jul 2 02:49:21 PDT 2007

I too made this adjustment on Saturday. Didn't seem to be too far off 
and I didn't notice any initial change in the way the bike felt. Rode to 
a car show Saturday evening and didn't have any "tingly digit" syndrome 
at all. Will take some additional riding to confirm, but I believe it 
may have made a difference.

Dave B

Paul Landry wrote:
> Saturday I had a chance to try out the balancer shaft adjustment.
> Went through the process as described by Steve N.  (simple, thanks Steve,
> and I did take off the lowers as I don't think you could do it otherwise).
> When I was done there was not much movement from were it was but it was less
> than 1/4 turn in either direction to be too far (into the "chirping" range).
> While I was at it I looked at the engine mounts with the thought of
> loosening them and  re-torque them again.  The rear two were very tight to
> undo, I know it takes more force to undo a bolt (resistance, rust, tension,
> etc. etc.) than tighten it but it did seem excessive.  They are now at the
> factory torque spec.
> I did not do the same exercise for the front motor mounts as it was looking
> almost "impossible" without removing the oil cooler, rad and header pipes.
> Maybe you could do it with a long box end wrench and some knuckle bashing
> but I was just not up to it on Sat. AM so left them for the moment.
> Today got out on the bike for a short "test ride" after yesterdays
> adjustments..   Initial report.  Seems to have made a positive difference.
> The bike still "buzzes" but it is an in-line 4 after all, but the frequency
> / the amount seems to be less and is not putting my feet and hands into a
> pins and needles session after dismounting.
> A longer ride will tell more but, I am confident enough in what I have done
> at this point to put the lowers back on and get out riding again!..  ;-)
> Paul W. Landry
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