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Bill M. willm97 at
Sat Jul 7 11:16:15 PDT 2007


A couple of weeks ago I asked for help on fixing my GPZ which refused to 

Well, it is now back together and runs and idles just fine. It was 
apparently the
clogged up pilot jets. They have teeeeeny little holes and were mostly 
I used a copper wire strand pulled from a piece of automotive electrical 
to scratch out the crud without hurting the jets. I needed a magnifier to 
into these tiny things. It takes a very small wire to poke through the hole.

While the carbs were out I blew carb cleaner through all of the passages
while having out the:

Pilot jets
Main jets
Idle air screws (2 1/4 turns out after replacing)
Floats and float valve
Throttle slide

I did this one carb at a time to keep everthing straight.

see for some good info.

Thanks to Don for this reassembly advice-- It really helped--

>Last time I took mine off, I fought with the reassembly too, until I heard
>about a neato trick...
>Before reassembly,set the bike (and specifically the carb boots) out in the
>sun for a while. If they're still complient enough, before reinstall, roll
>them back on themselves (like a clean sock). left a good half an inch to 
>them, then unrolled (inner first then outer) over the carb throats. they
>took a few minutes to shrink back up, but the lack of cussing was really
>worth it.
>Don in GJ

This gives you about another inch of clearance, which equals ten feet in 
such tight quarters.
Since it was 95 toasty degrees in the garage when I did this I didn't use 
the sun trick.
What was a terrific side benefit about this is when those boots unroll they 
go right
over the carbs without having to do any levering.

Now for 2 questions.

On non-California models.....
What, if anything, do the two tubes coming off the back of the fuel tank on 
left side connect to? (The shop manual shows them to be there, but not 
hooked up)

What, if anything, does the vacuum (?) connection on the fuel sender hook 
If it's a vacuum fitting, what does it do?

Right now I have all of these unconnected and it seems to run fine.

One last tip. I now take numerous digital pictures before and during 
on any projects. This has helped MANY times in reassembly.

So-Cal Bill

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