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	Block off plates are unnecessary.  I went to autozone and bought
some small metric freeze plugs.  Around 15 mm I believe, take one of the
plates in with you to size it. Drive thes in with a hammer and a wooden
dowel, leave em natural or paint of your choice, problem solved for 25
	 Second problem is easy also, most people install a filter,  The
drain hole you mention is actually the tranmission/cranckcase vent. DO
NOT PLUG, oil leaks will follow if you do.
	This has been done many times and maybe you have a good idea
where to start with jetting.  If you don't there is tons of info on
ZRXOA.  The ZRX 1100 is a milder cammed version of your engine, the GPZ
cam is a common upgrade.  If you want the total package Ivan's
performance will sell you a plug and play single afternoon solution to
your problem in the form of a pod filter specific jet kit and K&N
filters including vent filter. It will run and run well the first time
you take it out.  And if you want to tweak later by raising or lowering
the needles or changing mains the first time you pull and replace the
carbs will make it worthwhile, no airbox connection.

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I'm in the process of converting to pods and have a couple quick
questions. Number one, is it necessary to get block off plates for the
reed valves or can I just put a crank case filter on the breather hose?

Second, what have you guys done with the "drain' hole on top of the
tranny that the airbox attached to? Did you plug it or leave it open?

Any help would be appreciated as always. Got the carbs and airbox off
and am just waiting to see if I can go pick up a crank case filter or if
I'll have to wait till I can get some block off plates.

Dave B

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