Tank vent follow-up

Larry Zoia phezanthawk at wowway.com
Sat Jul 7 17:34:50 PDT 2007

Taking all advice into consideration with regard
to my apparent fuel starvation issue, I decided to
test the gas flow in the Prime position with and
without the filter.

I found a pint of Popov vodka in a plastic bottle
and drained it.

I disconnected the gas line from the distal end of the
fuel filter, turned the petcock to prime and let the gas
drain for 15 seconds.  It yielded a quarter pint.

I removed the filter and placed the fuel line in the bottle
and turned the petcock to Prime, expecting to leave it
open for 15 seconds and compare volumes.

In approximately five or six seconds the bottle was overflowing.

Apparently the gas filter was causing more than substantial restriction of 
flow, thereby starving the carbs
upon sustained high-speed riding.

I had it installed correctly.  It's a glass type filter. I've
spliced the gas line together with no external filter for the time being.

Larry in Michigan 

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