pods on - bike running

David Beard davidebeard at comcast.net
Sun Jul 8 14:45:47 PDT 2007

Well, I got the Stage 3 kit and pods installed and , 
surprise...surprise, the bike actually started up and is running. Took 
it for a couple of test rides and I've got some tweaking to do. The main 
jets (138) seem to be right. Top end power is nice. First time I ran it 
through the gears, there was enough extra power that the bike was 
slamming the chain as I released the clutch. In fact the bike pulls 
nicely in second gear from 5000 rpm on up. Below 5000, it's pretty 
anemic. I think it's fairly lean down low, so as soon as the bike cools 
off to the point I can work on it, I'll turn the mixture screws out 1/2 
turn ( running 38 idle jets, currently set at 1 turn out) as the bike 
was stumbling just a little  off idle until it warmed up. I'll try 
moving the needles up a notch as well to see if that helps the midrange 
a bit.

Has anyone tried removing the slides and needles with the carbs still on 
the bike? Just wondering if there's enough clearance.

Thanks for your help guys.

Dave B

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