Tank Vent follow-up

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Mon Jul 9 04:38:24 PDT 2007

At least he's being environmentally responsible and recycling the 
plastic bottles. If he bought the good stuff that comes in glass 
bottles, he would just throw those away ;-)


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> I have to ask one question: Just how much vodka are you guys 
> drinking down there to be making life preservers, amongst other 
> uses out of your empties????
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> I find many uses for empty plastic pint bottles of vodka.
> I use them to measure oil for two-stroke fuel mixing,  They can be 
> used as 
> armor and banded together to
> make floatation devices.  I have even used them
> to protect items in boxes I'm shipping.  The plastic bottle is 
> indeed a 
> boon....AND it comes filled with vodka.  What a country!
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