first ride with emulators - finally installed...

David Beard davidebeard at
Mon Jul 9 08:53:14 PDT 2007

Something I've noticed on the list here of late. Does anyone else get 
the feeling that our bikes are in much better shape than we are?

Dave B

andy burkard wrote:
> hey all,
> i bought myself the front fork cartridge emulators
> from Race tech many moons ago, and finally got around
> to installing them last week on the 4th.
> Installation was easy, the only "deal" was drilling
> additional 5/16" holes in the dampners.
> Saturday called for a ride / fishing trip with my 10
> year old son - we headed up hiway 50 to Ice House road
> on out to Loon Lake which put us up around the 6400 ft
> level to escape the heat.  about 150 miles round trip
> to a spectacular part of the Sierra Nevadas.
> As I've shared, I'm scheduled for some shoulder
> surgery on Aug. 7th, and very recently, i've been not
> at all wanting to ride due to the pain / numbness in
> my shoulder and left arm. I will say, after installing
> these emulators, the ride is unbelievably smoother
> with all the little bumps and vibes completely "soaked
> up" (to use Scapp's description), delivering a very
> comfortable ride.

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