first ride with emulators - finally installed...

andy burkard andyburkard at
Mon Jul 9 08:48:29 PDT 2007

hey all,

i bought myself the front fork cartridge emulators
from Race tech many moons ago, and finally got around
to installing them last week on the 4th.

Installation was easy, the only "deal" was drilling
additional 5/16" holes in the dampners.

Saturday called for a ride / fishing trip with my 10
year old son - we headed up hiway 50 to Ice House road
on out to Loon Lake which put us up around the 6400 ft
level to escape the heat.  about 150 miles round trip
to a spectacular part of the Sierra Nevadas.

As I've shared, I'm scheduled for some shoulder
surgery on Aug. 7th, and very recently, i've been not
at all wanting to ride due to the pain / numbness in
my shoulder and left arm. I will say, after installing
these emulators, the ride is unbelievably smoother
with all the little bumps and vibes completely "soaked
up" (to use Scapp's description), delivering a very
comfortable ride.

I found a 7' collapsable fishing rod and some
reasonabel reels at the local sporting goods store,
and had plenty of room for a 6 pack igloo for lunch,
waters, worms, camera, tackle box, towels and bathing
suits in the Givi E36's.  Matt (my son) and I sported
our ice filled camel packs and spent the afternoon
feeding worms to the fish (well, I did anyway), and he
managed to land a 13" rainbow trout - not enough for
dinner, but as he said, we'll just have to go back and
do it again and then have fish for dinner...

An awesome way to spend a saturday afternoon, and get
the longest ride i've had this year in (finally). 
Surgery is going to be a lot less invasive than
previously expected - they're going to relieve some
impingement by shaving off the underside of the
acromion (top part of the shoulder blade) via
orthoscopy.  supposedly a very routine deal - so
thankfully, no titanium shoulder - at least not yet.

that's it for now.  later dudes.
andy b

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