GPZList Digest, Vol 8, Issue 9

Jeffrey Markham automan25 at
Mon Jul 9 14:18:13 PDT 2007

  I made the device detailed at the website listed below. I just used it to sync my carbs last saturday and it worked like a charm. As for the auxillary fuel take I just used the main tank resting on a table, well actually two saw horses and some plywood. Then I ran a long piece of fuel hose from it to inlet on my fuel filter and set the fuel valve to Prime. If you don't already have a fuel filter then you need to add an inline filter. (GPZs did not come with one from the factory) I hope this helps
  -Jeff in Washington

steven.jones at wrote:
  It's time to get serious and tune my GPz. 

Does anybody have plans for how to make your own tuner's auxiliary fuel
tank? I hate to pay $50-$80 for a Motion Pro when I could probably make
one up for a couple of bucks. 

Who makes the best value carb synchronizer? I see Motion Pro is coming
out with a new mercury stick unit, but it's not available yet. 

Where's the best price place to get a Stage 2 DynoJet kit?

-Steve in Colorado

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