FS: Carbtune II 4-carb synch tool

Bob Sims bob.sims at us.army.mil
Mon Jul 9 14:40:57 PDT 2007

> Who makes the best value carb synchronizer? I see Motion Pro 
> is coming out with a new mercury stick unit, but it's not 
> available yet. 

How timely!

With all this talk of GPZ tuning, perhaps I can unload my NIB, Morgan
Carbtune II 4-carb, non-mercury sync tool?

It's still new, in shrink-wrap, never even removed from the shipping box,
includes all original instructions and fittings, as seen here:

It's one of the top-reviewed models, and best of all, requires no mercury.
I originally got it for tuning that I now know will never happen for me.
These cost $100+ new, and regularly fetch that much on fleaBay.  I will also
include a 2 liter auxillary shop fuel tank, only filled once, has a hanger
and hose with valve.  This is a purpose-made tank, not as cool as the
plastic vodka bottle, but close.

Review blurbs:

$75 US/all delivered via US Post Priority, Paypal payment preferred.  If you
think I'm asking too much, make an offer _by private email_, as I am a
motivated seller.



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