FJR 1300 AE (LONG!)

scapco at scapco at
Tue Jul 10 07:02:59 PDT 2007

I see this tendency a little on my WR450.  While the Revloc 
clutch isn't the same as the FJR, the basic idea is the 
same.  When the bike is at idle the Revloc disengages and 
you blip the throttle slightly to kick it back in which can 
make a situation like this a bit jerky.  The difference is 
that you still have the clutch available to use on the 
Revloc and can smooth the engagement if you need to.  And 
with a 38 inch seat height and my 30 inch inseam I 
sometimes need to.  ;-)

Charles S. - Old, Fat, and Short

>Cycle Canada had one of these as a long term test. They 
>had a couple of problems all due to low speed engagement 
>of the clutch. 1.  Stopped on the side of the road and 
>wanting to turn around because you missed a corner.
>Normally feather the clutch and dog walk the bike around.  
>With the auto engagement the bike had a tendency to jump 
>when it engaged.  Not good with a large bike.

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