Drop the forks?

Jameson, George E. george.jameson at mirant.com
Thu Jul 12 05:16:02 PDT 2007

Yes, it helps,. So does a more triangular front tire profile. The clip
ons limit the max amount, I don't know about your bar set up though. You
can also cut shorter spacers for your springs.

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So, I test drove an 02 Sprint ST this weekend, liked it a lot I was able
to step off of the Gpz and jump right on the Sprint and go so it was the
perfect A/B comparison for me. Surprisingly I didn't find it to be a
quantum leap beyond the Gpz, a little different but not as much as I
expected. One thing I did like a lot though was the way it tipped into
corners without a big shove on the bars....which leads me to my
question. Has anyone raised their forks with good results? If so, how
much? I'm currently running LSL bars, a Koni rear shock and Michelin
Pilot Roads if that's relevant. Any input appreciated, it may save me
$6800 or so.

Mark R

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