Drop the forks?

1KPerDay 1kperday at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 08:38:25 PDT 2007

The Pilot Roads are excellent tires, but they do have a pretty round
profile which some feel contributes to slow turn-in. When they're new,
I find they turn in plenty quick for me, but they do slow as they
wear. A more triangular profiled front tire may help. The Metzeler
Z6/Pirelli Diablo Strada are supposed to be very good in that
regard... though they probably won't wear quite as long as the roads.

You certainly might raise the tubes a bit... I'm not sure how much
clearance there is below the bar riser setup, though, and triple check
that the front fender doesn't hit anything at full compression. If you
go too much you might start getting headshake (though IMO that would
be pretty unlikely if you kept changes conservative; the GPz is pretty
relaxed wheelbase and geometry-wise).

You might also try adding a bit of rear preload to raise the rear a
bit; that should quicken turn-in also. Personally if it really
bothered me I'd try new tires first, then rear ride height, then the

On 7/9/07, Mark Reckinger <marque at battlefoundry.net> wrote:
 I'm currently running LSL bars, a Koni rear shock and Michelin
> Pilot Roads if that's relevant. Any input appreciated, it may save me
> $6800 or so.
Utah Jeff
'96 SheePz1100

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