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Thu Jul 12 19:49:35 PDT 2007

Well, I went and bought the Sprint ST, 02 with 3800 miles...British
Racing Green with the full compliment of Triumph bags and stuff. Flying
out to Pittsburg next week and will ride it back to Minneapolis. Hope I
still like it by the time I get home. Should be interesting. Probably
won't invest any more effort on the Gpz for now. Thanks for all of the

Mark R


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Yes, it helps,. So does a more triangular front tire profile. The clip
ons limit the max amount, I don't know about your bar set up though. You
can also cut shorter spacers for your springs.

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So, I test drove an 02 Sprint ST this weekend, liked it a lot I was able
to step off of the Gpz and jump right on the Sprint and go so it was the
perfect A/B comparison for me. Surprisingly I didn't find it to be a
quantum leap beyond the Gpz, a little different but not as much as I
expected. One thing I did like a lot though was the way it tipped into
corners without a big shove on the bars....which leads me to my
question. Has anyone raised their forks with good results? If so, how
much? I'm currently running LSL bars, a Koni rear shock and Michelin
Pilot Roads if that's relevant. Any input appreciated, it may save me
$6800 or so.

Mark R

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