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Your medical insurance will pay, then go after the insurance company for 
reimbursement to the limit of their policy. In NY, you are responsible for 
the rest. Motorcycle medical coverage is not no-fault in NY (although auto 
medical coverage IS). Therefore, your MC insurance will not pay for anything 
that was someone else's fault. The only provision in your policy that could 
help pay the bills is the uninsured/underinsured provision. That provision 
has limits too and still might not be enough. Personal medical insurance can 
deny claims resulting from a motorcycle accident caused by another vehicle. 
If it's some kid making $7/hr flipping burgers, you can't even sue him to 
get the money to pay the medical bills. As I said, you're screwed. Your 
personal medical insurance coverage may be different and your motorcycle 
insurance laws may be different as well in PA. There's still the problem of 
traveling to other states where the uninsured/underinsured coverage would be 
worth it's weight in gold.

Steve in Western NY
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>I was under the impression that my medical insurance through work would 
>cover me in the event of personal injury to myself?  Is this wrong?
> Bill in Yardley, PA
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>> Steve is totally correct.  When I was hit & run a while
>> back, it was the uninsured motorist insurance that paid my
>> ER bills and replaced my riding gear.  The bike was covered
>> by the full coverage insurance, but everything else was
>> uninsured motorist.
>> Charles S.
>>>>>it would be more if I didn't waive the
>>>>>Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage.
>>>This is a bad idea. This is the coverage that will pay
>>>your medical bills if whomever whacks you is un/under
>>>insured e.g. they carry only minimum liability ($25,000)
>>>and your medical bills are $200,000, you're screwed.
>>>Your liability coverage pays someone else so why pay to
>>>insure someone else and not yourself? Doesn't make sense.
>>>Buy the most Uninsured/Underinsured coverage they will
>>>give you, especially if you travel. Remember, some states
>>>don't even require insurance. Heed the voice of experience.
>>> Steve in Western NY
>>> '96 GPZ1100
>>> '02 Daytona 955i
>>> "You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White

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