pain in the groin

dominatr37 dominatr37 at
Tue Jul 24 06:33:47 PDT 2007

<<why no jeans?  Seams, seams are NOT our friends on long rides.  Same
applies to tighty whiteys.  They dig in the wrong places and create
pressure points that cause pain and discomfort. >>

Yeah I never wear jeans while riding anymore at all. I use my Mpotoport 
overpants with a  pair of shorts on underneath. Sometimes the aerostitch 
biking shirts with the fleece lining, somtimes regular cotten shorts.No pain 
from long distances at all.

Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
Author of "Help! they're all out to get me!
The motorcyclists guide to surviving the everyday world."
ISBN# 1-4137-6187-9 

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