Kawasaki Gpz1100 Service Manual Free to Good Home

Amp907 at aol.com Amp907 at aol.com
Sun Jul 29 14:27:49 PDT 2007

Hello Listers,
I have a factory service manual that I no longer need... since the Geeper  
was totalled by my insurance company last year after I was rear ended by a cager 
 at a stop sign.....
In any event, the manual is in good shape, has a few attractive grease and  
oil stains for added character and is free to the first lister that would  like 
me to send it to them.  Just provide your mailing address and I will  send it 
to you.
All the Best
Alex Plewniak
Bonita, CA
05 KLR 650 (urban assault bike extraordinaire)
88 Hawk GT ( I say its' my wife's but I like it  too)

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