1056 Miles on Saturday

D Peterson gpzzzzzer at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 31 12:35:34 PDT 2007

My brother was so disgusted by his fuel expenses that he vowed to sell the 
Valkarie when he got home.

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>To make matters even worse the VTX has obviously been detuned to meet 
>emissions or not overpower it's 800 lb. chassis or both. I have not perused 
>the vtx message boards but I'm sure with a good set of pipes and some fuel 
>system remapping there is more power to be had. It's certainly not slow but 
>it feels like there's something missing from the 1800 cc's on tap.
>It was a beautiful day and I got to ride but I still just "don't get" the 
>cruiser concept. On the design sheet it seems that functionality and 
>performance are an afterthought but form and style are first criteria.
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> > I borrowed my friend Dan's(known to some here as "Tequilla
> > Dan")Honda VTX 1800 last weekend and got 20 miles/gal.
> > Simply amazing that modern bikes can get the same mileage or
> > darn near what my 5300 pound Chevy 4X4 does on the highway.
> > Seems to defy physics....
>No kidding, I was thinking the same thing... he should get something more
>fuel-efficient, like a full-size pickup truck!
>And the "vintage" 45-degree big twin in my Buell gets consistent 45-50
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