Front sprocket replacement tips? Now fork oil amount

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Fri Jun 1 10:35:12 PDT 2007

----- > And one more question while we're on the subject of
> much-procrastinated maintenance: What's the proper amount of fork oil
> to pour in assuming I leave the forks in the trees and just drain them
> from the bottom, pour in some ATF and pump the damper around a bit to
> flush out the gunk, and drain again? Stock everything.
> Or do I have to measure the level from the top with the forks compressed?

Kawasaki Heavy industries did not have the fore sight to put a drain plug at
the bottom of the forks.  You have to pull the front end and turn the fork
tube upside down to drain them.  They didn't put zerk fittings (grease
nipples on the steering head or the swing arm either.
Just noticed my 1970 Triumph 650 has all these things.


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