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Sat Jun 2 11:41:09 PDT 2007

Yeah, what Steve said. :)

For Bridgestones, if the letter code is 'U' or not provided, it's their
catch-all code, (U)niversal.   I put the non-lettered versions on my GPZ.
My ST1300 oem's the 'F' code.

Note that the non-OEM BT020's are (or will be?) discontinued, so the
corresponding BT021's should be a direct replacement.  The OEM versions
usually continue on until the bike manufacturers that OEM'ed the tire spec a
new version, if they do.

I don't know this for fact, though, I'm just parroting what I heard in
ST1300 forums with regards to the 020->021 upgrade.  Neither Honda nor
Bridgestone support using the 021 on the ST1300.

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> Most are OEM replacements for specific bikes. They typically have an extra
> letter that you can go to their website and find the specific bike it was
> designed for. The "B" tire is a bias ply, the rest are radials. I would
> get
> the #19190. It's for a Ducaticci ST3.

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