Steve Northrop blackgpz at
Wed Jun 6 20:29:15 PDT 2007

 So,... how about those instrument lites?
> Are they easy to deal with?

There's 10 of them. 5 are backlighting, 2 are TS blinkers, oil, highbeam and 
neutral lite. I replaced mine with white LED's. I like the whiter 
backlighting. The TS blinkers aren't as bright in the daytime and don't 
catch my eye now if I forget to turn off the turnsignal. I'm going to put 
the regular bulbs back in those. For some reason, the neutral lite and oil 
lite don't work now. Of course I didn't flip the key on to check them before 
I completely re-installed the nose fairing. I'll probably put the regular 
bulbs back in those too. Easy to change, just pull the sockets out of the 
back of the instrument pod (after you remove the nose fairing).

Steve in Western NY
'96 GPZ1100
'02 Daytona 955i
"You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White 

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