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After reading that...

I think you should lay off the booze.


The Don.

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> So,... how about those instrument lites?
>> Are they easy to deal with?
> There's 10 of them. 5 are backlighting, 2 are TS blinkers, oil, highbeam 
> and neutral lite. I replaced mine with white LED's. I like the whiter 
> backlighting. The TS blinkers aren't as bright in the daytime and don't 
> catch my eye now if I forget to turn off the turnsignal. I'm going to put 
> the regular bulbs back in those. For some reason, the neutral lite and oil 
> lite don't work now. Of course I didn't flip the key on to check them 
> before I completely re-installed the nose fairing. I'll probably put the 
> regular bulbs back in those too. Easy to change, just pull the sockets out 
> of the back of the instrument pod (after you remove the nose fairing).
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