I'd rather be riding

Don Wilcox leanintree at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 05:40:45 PDT 2007

Last time I took mine off, I fought with the reassembly too, until I heard
about a neato trick...

Before reassembly,set the bike (and specifically the carb boots) out in the
sun for a while. If they're still complient enough, before reinstall, roll
them back on themselves (like a clean sock). left a good half an inch to set
them, then unrolled (inner first then outer) over the carb throats. they
took a few minutes to shrink back up, but the lack of cussing was really
worth it.

Don in GJ

On 6/10/07, Bill M. <willm97 at znet.com> wrote:
> Fellow Motorcycle Enthusiasts
> Then the part I am dreading- putting the carbs back in. It was a royal
> pain
> getting them out.
> Any advice before I start (and have to resort to saying bad words and
> stomping around)?
> I'm most worried about getting the aircleaner boots back on properly.

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