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Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 11 05:11:25 PDT 2007

When putting them back on, just be sure you have them completely seated in the intake boots on the head. It may "feel" like they won't go any further, but they will. If not fully seated, it won't run worth crap. Ask me how I know... They should be just as far on there as physically capable.
  Also, just because you don't see any varnishing, doesn't mean there isn't any inside the ports where you can't see it. Get a little plastic syringe, like you use to give kids their medicine, and squirt carb cleaner through those pasages several times. Make sure you have an oil drip pan or something under them. Obviously, don't stick any pins or needles or any other sharp think object down in the ports. A scratch inside there can affect the flow. Have faith in the carb cleaner.
  That's my 2 cents.

"Bill M." <willm97 at znet.com> wrote:
  Fellow Motorcycle Enthusiasts

I haven't been riding too much lately, but when I did the bike just refused 
to idle properly.
Well it got so bad that the bike would just die at idle. It ran really great 

I figured that my lack of riding had let the gas clog up the passages in the 
idle circuit.
Based on others accounts I got some of this Seafoam stuff to hopefully clean 
them out.
Well, you can probably guess that since I am writing this it didn't work.

So I checked into cost of having someone other than me clean them. $300 
seemed way
more than reasonable. So right now I have on my bench what I hoped I would 
never see there-
all my carbs.

Prior to pulling them I drained the bowls into a jar. There were little 
silvery flakes in the gas.
I do have a filter in the line.
I pulled the top and bottom from one of the carbs and everything really 
looks pretty clean.
No sticky varnish like I expected. The vacuum diaphram looks OK. The pilot 
jet's tiny central
hole was a little dirty, but not plugged.

So here's the plan- I hope to not have to disassemble the whole assembly.
I am going to pull out the jets and diaphrams and blow carb cleaner through 
all of the passages
and make sure everything is clear. I think this will fix the problem.

Then the part I am dreading- putting the carbs back in. It was a royal pain 
getting them out.
Any advice before I start (and have to resort to saying bad words and 
stomping around)?
I'm most worried about getting the aircleaner boots back on properly.

SoCal Bill
95 not-so-fast at the moment GPZ 

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