2" tall risers

dominatr37 dominatr37 at optonline.net
Tue Jun 12 06:24:08 PDT 2007

<<I'd like a set of original-looking, but higher handlebars. Ie complete
ones, not just risers. About an inch higher and half an inch back should
do the trick for me.>>

Are you talking Bars or clip ons? The bike came with clip ons, but a lot of 
us (Myself included) changed to the LSL bar conversion which was the best 
change I ever made to the bike. It's now an absolute pleasure to ride where 
before I'd have some damned constant pain in my hands when I got off of it 
from the angle of the stock clip ons. I can't say enough good things about 
the LSL conversion. It definitely turned this bike into a keeper for me. 
Hell, I did a 203 mile leg with it Thursday, which is the longest I ever sat 
on a bike at one sitting between breaks. If I had gassed up prior to leaving 
the house for Lake George, I would have probably made it all the way there, 
nonstop, I think I can make that distance gas-wise. I didn't hit reserve 
till about 194 miles IIRC I should have topped off the tank but oh well...

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