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Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at
Sun Jun 24 18:29:52 PDT 2007

I did the Teddy bear run in today. You know, Ride the bike
with a kids teddy bear and donate it to the Cleveland
Clinic and Rainbow children's hospital. Made me grateful.   
Anyhow, now that you guys are back, I need your wisdom.

I've bought a Gee-per located in Polo, Illinois. Great right?
The question is how to get it home.
It's in good shape but, no plastic and the faring frame
may be bent. Technically, The head light is fastened on,
(Probably tie wrapped)  

Timing is another problem, I'm off to Iowa Thursday.
I'll may have to ask the seller if waiting is a problem.
How can I kill 2 birds with one stone.?
Which Dave is in Iowa?

1. With no plastic. Riding it home to Ohio, would suck.
    (-No not cuz home is near Cleveland! ;)
a.1)One answer would be to yank the plastic and frame off
of my current bike and ride back. maybe the train?
You know that whole Trust thing "I don't know this bike."

a.2) Rent a u-haul trailer (or truck) and barrow a friends truck.
   or tie down to the bed of the truck. This seems reasonable.
  but the timing...

Julian, do you have room to store the bike for a few weeks or something?
I could pay the guy off on my way to Iowa.  Then, somehow,
drop it off to you. This would me work the logistics at a later date?
I know your garage is full but, I got to explore possibilities, you know?


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