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David Beard davidebeard at
Sun Jun 24 18:53:14 PDT 2007


    Don't know if it would be of any use to you, but I'm in Channahon, 
IL. If you can figure a way to get it here, you'd be welcome to store it 
in my garage for a few weeks if necessary. I've got a front upper 
fairing that has some minor damage just laying in the garage and I've 
probably got a windshield for it around somewhere too. Do you know if 
the bike still has the fairing bracket on it? Let me know if I can be of 
any help.

Dave B

Jerry Clair wrote:
> I did the Teddy bear run in today. You know, Ride the bike
> with a kids teddy bear and donate it to the Cleveland
> Clinic and Rainbow children's hospital. Made me grateful.   
> Anyhow, now that you guys are back, I need your wisdom.
> I've bought a Gee-per located in Polo, Illinois. Great right?
> The question is how to get it home.
> It's in good shape but, no plastic and the faring frame
> may be bent. Technically, The head light is fastened on,
> (Probably tie wrapped)  
> Timing is another problem, I'm off to Iowa Thursday.
> I'll may have to ask the seller if waiting is a problem.
> How can I kill 2 birds with one stone.?
> Which Dave is in Iowa?
> 1. With no plastic. Riding it home to Ohio, would suck.
>     (-No not cuz home is near Cleveland! ;)
> a.1)One answer would be to yank the plastic and frame off
> of my current bike and ride back. maybe the train?
> You know that whole Trust thing "I don't know this bike."
> a.2) Rent a u-haul trailer (or truck) and barrow a friends truck.
>    or tie down to the bed of the truck. This seems reasonable.
>   but the timing...
> Julian, do you have room to store the bike for a few weeks or something?
> I could pay the guy off on my way to Iowa.  Then, somehow,
> drop it off to you. This would me work the logistics at a later date?
> I know your garage is full but, I got to explore possibilities, you know?
> Jerry

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