Rider down at Durango

scapco at ecentral.com scapco at ecentral.com
Mon Jun 25 06:19:14 PDT 2007

No, not Jeff.

Chuck Driscoll went down outside of Ouray on the way down 
Thusday.  I don't know all of the details, but I know he 
went over the bars and broke several ribs, puctured a lung 
and broke his collar bone not to mention beating up his 
knees and knuckles pretty badly.

We rode over to see him after Friday's ride and were able 
to take his gear over to him and got his bike out of the 
wrecking yard and over to the local dealers where it could 
be stored until he can make arrangements to get it back to 
Montana.  It's rideable and will be back on the road 

Rob and Michelle Schwartz visited him on Saturday morning 
and he was in pain, but good spirits.  He should eventually 
make a full recovery, but he will be a hurting unit for a 

Our best wishes to him for a quick and full recovery.

Those of us who rode back to Denver are headed up to Rocky 
Mountain National Park this morning and we'll post more 
aabout the rally tonoght.


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