Buzzing and shaking after getting off the GPz.

York Powell yorkus at
Thu Jun 28 18:46:09 PDT 2007

I've got the dreaded "Buzz" as well. I have tried adjusting the  
valves and replaced the plugs and one bad spark plug boot and it  
hasn't got any better. I am hoping to get the carbs sync'd soon and  
maybe that will help. I got the bike in August 2005 with only 9300  
miles and now have around 17,000 miles. I wish someone could come up  
with the answer to this it really sucks and makes riding much less  

1995 GPZ

On Jun 28, 2007, at 11:25 AM, David Beard wrote:

> Mine is pretty buzzy, too. Gives my hand the tingles. This is the  
> third GPZ I've had and the first one that had any buzz to it. I'd  
> like to figure it out as well. I hate numb fingers.
> Dave B
> Paul Landry wrote:
>> Question for the group..
>>  I have been riding my GPz since 2000.  It has over 55,000 Km on  
>> the clock.   Two seasons ago I was irritated by what I perceive to  
>> be an increase in the
>> buzz / vibration of the bike.  Feel it in the tank, handle bars  
>> and foot
>> pegs.
>> I don't know if I am getting more sensitive or if it is getting  
>> worse.  It
>> is a high frequency buzz that is more noticeable as the revs climb  
>> but is
>> still a problem cruising around with the revs in the 3000 - 4500  
>> range.
>>  This is not something I have ever remembered from the past.  My  
>> last ride
>> which was short left my hands and feet tingling after I got of the  
>> bike.
>> What's up with that!??  Never used to be an issue and I ride for  
>> hours at a
>> time.  I have the stock counter weights on the stock handlebars  
>> (on GenMars)
>> with new foam rubber grips.  Same stock foot pegs with rubber top  
>> surface.
>> No engine mods except for the 4 degree ignition advance.
>>  Last season I took the bike to the dealer for a tune up.  Had the  
>> carbs
>> synch'd, valves checked, etc..  Even had them check the torque on  
>> all the
>> engine mounts (no problem).
>> The mechanic was all a giggle about working on such a well  
>> maintained and
>> clean bike.  He said it was in terrific shape and had NO problems  
>> but would
>> need a new head gasket next time the valve cover came off.
>>  The bike looks and runs GREAT!.  No other problems or concerns  
>> but I can not
>> put up with this numbing of my extremities, especially when it  
>> occurs on
>> such short rides.
>>  Has anyone encountered anything similar?  Any suggestions as to  
>> what might
>> be the culprit, what to look at, etc.. Does this rig have some  
>> rubber isolation mounts on the motor that may have
>> hardened over time??
>>  I am really hoping this is mechanical, that I can fix..  If it is
>> me.........  Thanks for any and all thoughts on this.
>>  Paul W. Landry
>> p_landry at
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