Buzzing and shaking after getting off the GPz.

Paul Landry p_landry at
Thu Jun 28 22:29:16 PDT 2007

Thanks Steve and all others.

Great info.  This list is such a wealth of info.. 

Did some checking after prodding from the responses to my query.

The GPz does in fact have two solid mounts on the back of the engine and
rubber on the front.
Has anyone ever replaced these rubber dampers?

I tried looking a the parts diagrams on but could not find
the 1995 GPz at all (or the 96 for that matter), apparently it is a new
website?.  Tried by VIN number but mine being a Canadian model may not work
either. ??  The manual does not really identify them but for a basic line
drawing in one of the exploded views.

Going to try the counter balancer adjustment procedure first since the
carbs, valves, etc. were "recently" done.

Checking my records, I replaced the seal on the counter balancer adjustment
shaft back in 2004.  But..  I don't ever remember doing the adjustment to it
when the bike is idling.  I may have messed it up at that time when I
changed the seal as that fits my time line with the problem being noticed.

If this does not do it, then I will try getting replacement rubber for front
motor mounts and see if that helps.
Thanks again to all..  Will report my degree of success after I do the
adjustment this weekend.

Paul W. Landry
p_landry at

From: Steve Northrop [mailto:blackgpz at] 

A good valve adjustment, carb sync and balancer adjustment will make it as
smooth as it's going to get. On stock GPZ's, popping the pilot screw caps
and turning them out another turn wouldn't hurt matters either. I think the
GPZ is the smoothest bike I've ever ridden. A quick blast on someone else's
bike reminds me how good the GPZ really is.

Steve in Western NY

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