Photos from Phandango

Rob Schwartz coldinvt at
Fri Jun 29 22:17:00 PDT 2007

Here they are, folks... 150 or so snapshots from the bordello balcony, the
Telluride gondola, Barr Lake state park, friends' houses and all over the
mountains on the back seat of that fabulous FJR.

We had a great time, rode great roads with some great riders, saw old
friends, met new ones, soaked in the Ouray hot springs and celebrated our
10th anniversary with more than 10 Rocky Mountain passes in our 10-day trip.

In order:
1. Loveland Pass (both ways)
2. Vail Pass
3. Tennessee Pass
4. Monarch Pass
5. Slumgullion Pass
6. Spring Creek Pass
7. Wolf Creek Pass
8. Lizard Head Pass (a few times)
9. Red Mountain Pass (a few times)
10. Molas Pass
11. Coal Bank Pass
12. McClure Pass
13. Independence Pass
14. Fremont Pass
15. Milner Pass
16. Berthoud Pass

Did we take pictures of them?  Of course not! Hey, ya' can't just undo all
that hard-earned passing from the ride up!!

Anyway, enjoy the photos...


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