Weepy check-valve gasket? (take 2)

Julian Solomensky jsolo at solo-tek.com
Tue Mar 13 16:57:49 PDT 2007

Hello Don,

Congrats on mastering the list [again] :)

I replaced my counter shaft and shifter seals last spring.  I still have quite a bit of seepage down there.  Like a wet c[_]nt that keeps dripping and leaking :)  Anyways, I wonder if my neutral switch is also leaking.  I never replaced that.  How many miles on your motor/trans.  I'm ~76K now.  I'll have to see if it is indeed the switch, and if it is, how much of a pain it is to replace.  I may just leave there for the next owner.

Unrelated, regarding the zx14/concours14.  I thought the concours engine was the same as the zx14, similar to how the gpz had the same block as the zx11, but diff heads/cams/timing/exhaust?

If they release it this summer, great.  I likely won't be buying it until 2008 anyway.  I'm a bit hesitant of buying a first year bike - we'll see how strong the impulse is.  It's either that or the fjr1300, but more of a kaw fan than hamaya.

Best regards,
 Julian                            mailto:jsolo at solo-tek.com

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