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   Yep I already checked that. I tried adjusting it up a notch  and no difference. Also Lubed it up so it wasn't sticking anymore. The noise seems to be coming from the starter/alternator area
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  Sure it's not the cam chain?

  schnowz <schnowz at localnet.com> wrote: 
    Some of you may remember me complaining of a rattle at startup. It comes 
    from the Starter area and goes away if the engine is racing, but if it gets 
    close to stalling, as you take the choke off, there is a irregular 
    clattering noise. I'm thinking the starter clutch or alternator 
    chain/tensioner and less likely the coupling damper on the alternator.
    It doesn't sound like a bearing ,or at least radial play, though I 
    suppose it could be axial...
    The book says to remove the carbs to get the starter motor off. And remove 
    the engine, and to split the crankcase to get the starter clutch out? Is 
    this correct? If so I'll jest let the bastid rattle,

    Anyone had this noise or have any thoughts?

    Pete S 

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