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Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Wed Mar 28 18:16:42 PDT 2007


Sadly we live in a sue happy society and to some extent I can't say I 
blame the guy.  Reality is that no waiver can fully stop someone from 
suing they guy and in a case of gross negligence the waiver wouldn't 
help him.

I'd sign it to make him feel better and then not worry about it.  In a 
club ride your biggest worry is the idiot who doesn't know how to ride 
in a group and takes someone else out.

Charles S. - Married at an insurance adjuster

Bill Magitz wrote:
> I have a question regarding riding/motorcycle clubs. I'm sure most have been in one or more and
 > of various types too. My question is about waivers, for some reason 
the guy who formed the club
 > and owns the yahoo and club webpage , has decided he needs to protect 
himself from any lawsuits
 > should a person be injured on a club ride. This is the first club 
I've been in that this would be
 > required, so is it needed ? Is he really responsible or liable ? Does 
a waiver really hold water ?
> I'm just curious about what the general feeling is about this.  thanks for any and all replies.
> ---Bill M in NJ---  the only waivers I need is when a fellow biker passes by..........

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